Development Through Community Participation

About Us

Our logo shows all aspects of ATEDEC’s vision: clean water, a healthy community, good infrastructure and a flourishing environment

Established in 1995, ATEDEC is an NGO committed to the sustainable development of rural communities and co-operatives in the Western Province of Rwanda. We are also working with vulnerable young people in Kigali, preparing them for work and training them in valuable skills according to gaps in the employment market.

Our VISION is to provide technical, financial and educational solutions to rural and urban communities enabling vulnerable groups to become partners of development.

Our MISSION is to provide technical assistance to vulnerable groups, developing self reliance  through active participation.


  • To promote hygiene, sanitation, clean drinking water and water harvesting systems;
  • To fight against HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Malaria and Tuberculosis;
  • To undertake capacity building activities ensuring sustainable improvements to people living in rural areas;
  • To promote the rights of women and children, empowering them socially and economically for sustainable development within local communities;
  • To promote family planning and reproductive health;
  • To organise income generating activities for vulnerable groups in order to reduce poverty, alongside improving employment opportunities;
  • To promote education of all vulnerable young people;
  • To increase agriculture production by providing technical and financial assistance to farmers’ co-operatives;
  • To fight against the destruction of the environment and climate change and to protecting biodiversity.
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