Development Through Community Participation

Our Partners

We are proud to be in partnership with:

Profemme Twese Hamwe (Kigali, Rwanda) an organisation dedicated to the promotion of women and women’s initiatives for sustainable development.

Rwanda NGO Forum in HIV/AIDS (Kigali, Rwanda) created by members to promote, co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate activities of NGOs engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Rwanda

CCOAIB (Kigali, Rwanda)

Nile Basin Discourse Forum (Kigali, Rwanda)

2Way Development (London, UK) a British organisation providing specialist volunteers, promoting and developing sustainable organisational change and directly assisting beneficiaries.

Seniores Italia (Rome, Italy) providing senior experts for technical assistance and project monitoring and evaluation.

Our funding partners include:

Global Fund

Education Development Centre

African Development Bank

United Nations Development Programme

United Nations HIV/AIDS

Ministry of Agriculture (Rwanda)

Ministry of Infrastructure (Rwanda)

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